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What is xnaasKB?#

xnaasKB is simply a wiki I've created to track information and knowledge I've found over the years.

Prior to this, all of my "documentation" existed as bookmarks to or Reddit links, random text files and PDFs across various filesystems, a portable DokuWiki instance, a portable git repo, and more. I got fed up with the disorganization and ugliness of my non-solutions.

I do also still have quite a bit of stuff to port out of and other bookmarks Someday™.


xnaasKB is around thanks to:

Why not DokuWiki?#

To keep it short: looks ugly, I've had issues with the search indexing, the non-standard Markdown is awful, and I hate strongly dislike PHP for my selfhosted applications.

Why not BookStack?#

Another popular wiki solution right now is BookStack and you might be wondering why I didn't go with that. I considered it for a moment, but my same dislike for PHP prevailed here. It does look pretty though.

Why not Wiki.js?#

Most recently, I actually ported here, to mkdocs, from Wiki.js.

Wiki.js was decent, but it was a bit over-the-top for what I needed and it lacked one key feature I rely on: searching the wiki from my Firefox address bar.

What else?#

I don't have much else for you other than to say "I hope some information here proves useful to you" and to provide you with a picture of my cat, Tux. She's a good bad kitty.